Birthdays are always a special moment for almost everyone, where every celebration always brings happiness to those who celebrate and participate in the celebration. Not just for children, it will still be the same for adults, or even those who have reached the age of twilight.

Although celebrated every year, you always expect the birthday celebration will always vary from year to year, especially when it will celebrate the birthday of your child. This is often the important home task of the parents because looking for the idea of ​​a birthday party is certainly not an easy matter.

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Charming Decorations with Simple Budget

Associated with the birthday theme to be chosen later, will certainly be closely related to the decorations that you will create to support the success of the anniversary event. If the budget is limited, then you can be sure you will celebrate the birthday at home.

But make no mistake, birthday celebrations at home can also make your baby happy, especially if you can pack the party well and interesting. Although with a limited budget, you can still hold a memorable party for the little guy and his friends, of course, by maximizing the right decor and theme for the event. If able to create decorations that make children happy and comfortable, then the birthday event in this house will also still give a very good impression for your child.

Not necessarily expensive, attractive decoration options can even be created with a simple budget. Check out some of the unique decoration options that can be considered below:

  1. Beautiful Flower Garden

No need to hold it in the park like the title, but simply decorate the room that will be used as a birthday celebration only. Turn on the garden concept on the various objects that will be used later, you can even put some live flower pots to support a more natural atmosphere in the room.

Decorate the wall and also a table with a variety of flower ornaments, which will add to the rampant atmosphere there. Do not forget to choose a particular flower color, so this garden looks more specific and interesting, for example by choosing a pink or bright yellow flowers.

The atmosphere will be more cheerful with the right color selection so that children feel more comfortable and enjoying the birthday party. Do not forget to prepare birthday cakes and other snacks with the same concept, so the decor becomes more lively and appealing to the children who come to attend the birthday party.

  1. The Mystery of Treasure

In accordance with its title, this theme will require creativity in creating a unique and slightly mysterious decoration. You can use a wide cork to illustrate the particular location being used as the location of the hidden treasure. Make birthdays look different, for example, look like mountains, caves, or anything else.

Do not forget to put together a game of treasure in the party, where children can play with some hidden clues that have been prepared from the beginning. Prepare also a valuable treasure box in a hidden place and will be the target of their search, where you can fill it with a variety of delicious candies or chocolates.

These themes and games will make the kids so excited and happy to enjoy the little birthday party.

  1. Wizarding World

Who does not like this one game? Not just children, even adults are also very fond of magic. This theme and decoration will be perfect for you to choose on your child’s birthday because all children will be attracted to it.

If funds are sufficient, then you can hire the services of a professional magician to enliven the event. But if the budget is minimal, then learn some magic tricks can also be used as a consideration. Do not forget to maximize the decor with a variety of interesting and funny smelling ornaments.

  1. Full Colorful Party

In a party, the children are certainly very happy with the various colorful trinkets. You can choose a theme with this concept and create a unique and colorful decoration that appeals to children. The use of colored ribbons and balloons will greatly help to create attractive decorations, especially if you can customize them with the right color choices.

No need to be too crowded in choosing the color, you can maximize 3 or 4 attractive colors at once, so the decoration of this birthday party will still look beautiful and interesting. Do not forget to choose a birthday cake that matches the color theme carried at the party, so that everything looks more leverage.

  1. Costume Party

Your child must have a favorite cartoon or comic character is not it? Well, this can be used as a birthday party idea. Make a party with the theme of a costume party, invite your child’s friends to attend the party with their favorite character costumes. Do not forget to decorate your home with funny decorations of cartoon characters or children’s favorite comics.

To be more vibrant and festive, make a child’s birthday costume party just like a competition, like an invited guest in the most unique and funny costume will get the biggest surprise gift or piece of cake. With the lure of the gift of the children who become invited guests will be more spirit in preparing their costumes.

Choose Theme and Decorations that best suit the Child’s Character

When going to celebrate the birthday of your child, often will be faced with a number of themes and decor options are just that. This will be tedious, especially if it only has a limited budget for this need.

But if the jelly and more creative, then a number of interesting and unique themes can be selected and created with a simple budget though. Make sure to choose and make the most appropriate decoration and in accordance with the character of the child, so the birthday party can run well and fun.